Cayrop Whitepaper

Cayrop Platform

Blockchain will forever change gaming as we know it. Presenting Cayrop Platform Blockchain-based metaverse game marketplace. Cayrop is a decentralized platform for buying and selling digital assets in the metaverse. Cayrop Platform creating powerful SDKs (Software Development Kits) enable developers to easily create games that can be converted into tradable goods with Cayrop (CYP) token. Making their investment at every level return exponentially with profitability higher than traditional games can't offer. The Cayrop Platform includes an Exchange Gateway which enables anybody to post offers, such as demanding goods or services that players can provide, and these offers generate trading volume for all tokens listed on Cayrop Exchange. Developers can easily list their assets in Cayrop Platform simultaneously by paying a small fee for each listing, providing maximum exposure for their creations. Players can also make money by stacking their virtual goods and earning a Cayrop Token.