Cayrop Whitepaper

The Problem

The metaverse is the merging of virtual and real worlds. It's going to be a massive industry in the coming years, and we know (because we've seen it happen with other platforms) that those who get in early have much greater odds of success. But right now, there's a huge disconnect between gamers and developers and it's an issue that needs to be solved before either side can take advantage of this new space.
On one hand, game developers are struggling to get their ideas off the ground, because they don't know how to build a game for the metaverse. They need help with design, development, monetization, distribution, and funding. But on the other hand, gamers don't know how to get started with the metaverse they need help with creating avatars; buying virtual goods; selling them; and finding the most interesting experiences.
We're here to solve both of these problems at once and bring more people into the metaverse ecosystem faster than ever before!